Session Types

Long Form

Long-form presentations will receive a 1 hour, 45 minute session. For this format, we’re especially interested in seeing interactive approaches: tutorials, guided discussions, or other hands-on explorations.

Short Form

Short-form presentations will receive a 45 minute session. This could be a set of lightning talks, a one-or-more person presentation, a panel, or something else covering specific, concise material.

Quick Collaboration

Quick collaboration sessions will run for 45 minutes. Leaders should come with a specific task or set of tasks to accomplish in this collaborative hacking session. This may include fixing bugs, hacking extensions, or kicking off a code sprint for the hacker lounge.

Hacking Session

Hacking sessions will run for 1 hour, 45 minutes. Session leaders will come with a project or task in mind, and attendees should come armed with laptops. This may include bootstrapping a new project or kicking off a marathon bug fixing session.

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