Long Form

Long-form presentations will receive a 1 hour, 45 minute session. For this format, we’re especially interested in seeing interactive approaches: tutorials, guided discussions, or other hands-on explorations.

Sessions for this sessiontype

* Considering in-house automated web testing?

Interested in setting up your own test automation infrastructure? This is what you need to know.
Adam Christian

* Developing Replication Plugins for Drizzle

The Drizzle Project is a fork of the MySQL 6.0 server. One of the many goals of Drizzle is to enable a large plugin ecosystem by improving, simplifying, and modernizing the application programming interfaces between the kernel and the modules providing services for Drizzle. This tutorial serves to showcase the new APIs for Drizzle's replication through a series of in-depth examples.
Padraig O'Sullivan

* Functional Requirements: Thinking Like A Pirate

Creating functional requirements as a part of the planning process is like creating a treasure map. You want to get compensated for the value your cool built-with-open-source-thing is providing to your clients. Your clients want it to work better than what they originally had in mind. If you do the work upfront, you'll know when you've hit the X marks the spot.
Amye Scavarda, Bill Fitzgerald

* Give a Great Tech Talk

Why do so many technical presentations suck? Make sure that yours doesn't. Josh Berkus and Ian Dees will show you how to share your ideas with your audience by speaking effectively and (when the situation warrants it) showing your code.
Josh Berkus, Ian Dees

* How to write quality software using the magic of tests

Writing quality software is a worthwhile challenge. Learn how to harness the magic of testing to create better software. This presentation will provide you with an overview of the different kinds of tests, show code using different testing tools, and help you decide when and how to apply these to your projects
Igal Koshevoy

* Lightning Talks

Peter Fein

* Making Drupal Go Fast with Varnish and Pressflow

You've launched your new web site and it's starting to get some attention. You've tuned your database and optimized your HTTP daemon, but what if it's not enough to keep up with all the hits you're getting? We'd like to introduce you to your two new best friends: Varnish and Pressflow.
Greg Lund-Chaix, Rudy Grigar

* Multicore Haskell Now!

Multicore computers are here: is your programming language ready?
Don Stewart

* Organizing user groups, a panel discussion

User groups are a vital part of the open source community. Learn more about how to start a group, keep it going, and make an existing group better from a panel of experienced user group organizers.
Igal Koshevoy, Jesse Hallett, Eric Wilhelm, Christie Koehler, gabrielle roth, Audrey Eschright, Sam Keen

* Professional JavaScript

JavaScript is a unique and powerful language. Its ubiquity in the browser and its elegant concurrency model make JavaScript an ideal tool in a number of situations. Learn about the best ways to use and to understand this language from a full-time JavaScript professional.
Jesse Hallett

* Puppet for Beginners

Puppet is a powerful configuration management tool that makes life easier for people managing systems and applications. This tutorial gives you an in-depth and hands-on introduction to Puppet that is ideal for beginners to Puppet and configuration management.
Teyo Tyree

* Release your hardware hacker potential with gEDA

Ever wanted to create your own printed circuit board? There are open source tools for that. This session will take you step-by-step through the process of creating a printed circuit board using the gEDA suite of electronic design automation tools. Beginners are welcome, no previous hardware experience required.
Eric Thompson

* Speeding up your PHP Application

Is your Wordpress site too slow? What's this HipHop PHP thing? How do I write really fast PHP apps? Drop by to get the answers to these questions.
Rasmus Lerdorf

* The Return of Command-Line Kung Fu

A follow-on to last year's highly popular presentation, Hal Pomeranz returns with another super-size helping of command-line madness!
Hal Pomeranz

* When Everything Looks Like A Nail

Markus: Nautilus? I thought you said noodle house! Matt: Wait, wait, I think I see her head!! Markus: Are you sure? Matt: Maybe It's Not Her Head...
Markus Roberts, Matt Youell

Proposals for this sessiontype

* Blocker Talk: confessional-meets-Scrum

What are the three highest priorities for your FLOSS project, what's blocking you, and can we help? A guided discussion.
Cooking 2010-03-29 22:48:36 +0000
Sumana Harihareswara

* Flex from zero to hero

If you are tired of hearing of how Adobe Flex can be used to create MP3 players—and want instead to find out how you can use it to create powerful cross-platform applications—attend this live-coding talk and help build a *useful* application from scratch using Flex and AIR.
Hacks 2010-02-20 02:02:36 +0000
Marco Tabini

* From the Ashes of MetroFi

The Personal Telco Project has been offered a portion of the wireless gear abandoned by the MetroFi muni-wifi failure. We are working on extracting the maximum public benefit from what we ultimately receive.
Hacks 2010-02-24 09:04:44 +0000
Russell Senior

* Git (Mostly) For Drupal

A crash course in git with a slant towards the special techniques needed by Drupal projects. Other developers will also find it useful.
Cooking 2010-03-26 01:31:46 +0000
Michael Schwern

* Grails for Switchers

Come on. You know you want to.
Cooking 2010-03-03 23:20:21 +0000
Matt Woodward

* How to build a simple website in Drupal in an hour -ish

Drupal has a steep learning curve for non-developers. Learn how to get started and build a simple website in an hour (or as long as you allow).
Cooking 2010-03-26 05:50:58 +0000
VJ Beauchamp

* Introduction to SnapLogic

SnapLogic is an open source platform for building system integrations that can be scripted or extended in Python and Java. With SnapLogic, complex integrations are broken down into discrete components that act upon data streams. Using this framework, it is possible to build conduits among homogenous SaaS systems, databases, etc. In this session, we'll introduce the system and walk through the code to create a new integration target: a SaaS system with an XML API.
Cooking 2010-03-17 00:02:19 +0000
Dylan Reinhardt

* Negotiating an Open Source Future

Given the economic crisis we are leaving, open source is more compelling than ever, and companies must know how to advocate and win an open source future.
Business 2010-03-26 05:06:15 +0000
Martin Medeiros

* Nothing But Nines: Achieving %99.999 Uptime with Open Source High Availability Clustering

Achieve the ultimate in business continuity and productivity by eliminating downtime. As of Linux 2.6.33, Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) is mainline. Find out what it is, what it does, why its awesome and how it can be coupled with Pacemaker to ensure your services remain highly available.
Cooking 2010-03-25 00:54:06 +0000
Adam Gandelman

* Regular expressions and meta obsessions

How do you parse and validate a date? What about an email address? A URL, phone number, postal code? How do you quickly search through a file for something that you only know a little about? Regular Expressions, that's how.
Cooking 2010-03-26 03:53:00 +0000
Philip Tellis

* Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Open Source Options

Have you heard the 'SOA' buzz but not dived into it? SOA - service oriented architecture, has many different uses in software and IT. Discussion of SOA, composite vs multi-channel applications, enterprise service bus technology, messaging and web services.
Business 2010-03-26 18:22:25 +0000
Laurence Gellert

* Test Driven Database Development

Learn how to apply the principals of test-driven development to developing a database schema.
Cooking 2010-03-21 01:02:05 +0000
David Wheeler

* Using Django on the Djob

Django is a great framework for building public web sites, but it's also a great platform for building connected business apps. This session will examine use cases where Django presents an opportunity to build powerful, robust systems on a budget.
Cooking 2010-03-16 23:23:23 +0000
Dylan Reinhardt

* Using Eduglu, a new Drupal Distro for Higher Education

Drupal's use is exploding in Higher Education. This session will introduce a new Drupal distribution designed to serve as a platform for building rich intranets for educational institutions.
Cooking 2010-03-26 05:34:40 +0000
Kyle Mathews

* Write a Linux Device Driver: Flipping bits, blinking lights and crashing Kernels

Curious what makes your hardware tick? Itching to crash your system in a indiviualized way? Then you should try your hand at writing a device driver for Linux.
Chemistry 2010-03-26 05:31:26 +0000
Brandon Philips