BOF track

Birds of a Feather session

Sessions for this track

* A Guided Tour of IRC

Introduction to IRC for new users, entertainment for veterans. Learn basics, safety, security. Hang out interesting places, we'll visit Freenode, Telecomix, Anonymous, Wikileaks.
Peter Fein

* Android

Android 3.1 and beyond
Sean Sullivan

* BIND and ISCDHCP Open Session

Ask (and maybe answer) questions about ISC's projects, BIND, DHCP, and whatever else. Open Source internet infrastructure and protocol geeks unite! Share the feature you want to see, ask questions, make suggestions....
Larissa Shapiro

* CASSIS.js: Universal Client Server Javascript Now

CASSIS is universal JavaScript (JS) that works on the client and the server for scalable application logic. Developed as an immediate to near-term solution until typical web hosting companies make it easy to run JS on the server (e.g. Node.js), CASSIS is a fast functional open source JS-subset and framework you can use today to implement application logic once and have it run both dynamically in browsers with JS, and on the server for when JS is not supported (search engines), is disabled (security), or slow (mobile).
Tantek Çelik

* Developing an open source application to support a community mentor network in Portland

Since January of this year, a group of independent programmers, community-based organizations, public officials, and software executives and entrepreneurs have been working as part of the PDX11 initiative to identify solutions to make it easier for local software professionals to establish mentoring relationships. This presentation will outline a novel approach to developing a software application to support the local tech community and will invite feedback from attendees to help shape the process moving forward.
Skip Newberry

* DevOps, Cloud, Automation and more! (Part 1 of 2)

Lightning talks and discussions on devops best practices, cloud infrastructures, and automation tools.
Igal Koshevoy, James Turnbull, James Loope

* DevOps, Cloud, Automation and more! (Part 2 of 2)

Lightning talks and discussions on devops best practices, cloud infrastructures, and automation tools. [continuation of earlier BoF]
James Turnbull, Igal Koshevoy, James Loope

* Functional Languages BoF [pdxfunc]

Hang out and talk about functional languages.
Igal Koshevoy, Dan Colish, David Lazar

* Google Summer of Code BoF

Meetup for students, mentors, and those interested in learning about Google Summer of Code.
Carol Smith

* HTML/Javascript Powered Apps

Build applications for the desktop and mobile devices using HTML and Javascript.
Joshua Roesslein, Edward Finkler

* PDXPHP Monthly meeting

PDXPHP is Portland's PHP user group. We meet every third tuesday.
Sam Keen

* Portland JavaScript Admirers

Portland JavaScript Admirers is a local user group intended to help people learn about JavaScript
Jesse Hallett

* Ruby BoF [pdxruby]

Lightning talks and discussions about Ruby-related libraries, projects, implementations and more.
Igal Koshevoy

* Women (and their friends) in Tech Go Drinking

Code N Splode is a local user group that supports the participation of women in the Portland tech community. We'd like to go out for drinks with you while you're at OS Bridge!
Addie Beseda