Long Form

Long-form presentations will receive a 1 hour, 45 minute session. For this format, we’re especially interested in seeing interactive approaches: tutorials, guided discussions, or other hands-on explorations.

Sessions for this sessiontype

* Building the Open Source Battle Rifle

A look at the technical and legal issues surrounding home construction of firearms, focusing on semi-automatic AK-47 style rifles.
Beth Flanagan

* Dark Arts of Data Storage: What's Your Filesystem up to?

Ever wonder what happens to your data between the write() call and the disk drive? Or feel the need to scrape your bits off the drive after an accident? If so, this talk is for you! Come learn the dark art of how filesystems work.
Darrick Wong

* Developing and Using Pluggable Type Systems

A pluggable type system extends a language's built-in type system to confer additional compile-time guarantees. We will explain the theory and practice of pluggable types.
Werner Dietl, Michael Ernst

* Go Go Gallimaufry

At one point it was popular to refer to the eyes as windows to the soul, and common wisdom accepted that you could learn a great deal about a person's inner thoughts by looking at their eyes. Then that notion fell out of fashion, except perhaps in love songs. But once we learned how to track people's eye motions, record them, and analyse the data, we realized that there may have been something to it.
Markus Roberts

* Introduction to Linux Containers

This presentation will be of interest to system administrators and developers that want to provide isolated environments for production applications or test machines without the overhead of virtualization.
Brian Martin

* Let's Make an IRC Bot

Let's make an IRC bot together. A room of people will either come together, or break up into teams to create an IRC bot within the context of a session. What the bot will do, is up to the people in the room. The outcome is different every time, but it will surely teach us something about technology, and human nature.
Eric Holscher

* Machine Learning in the Open

Machine learning and data mining methods underlie many exciting products and services, but their underlying workings remain opaque to many, even developers. I will provide a brief tutorial on some of the most important concepts and methods from machine learning and data mining, with motivating examples and illustrations from open source tools. Particular emphasis will be placed on learning methods and their appropriate use.
John Taylor

* Nginx, Overview and Deployment

As the #2 most popular web server, NGINX has gained attention because of its performance, scalability and ability to manage concurrent requests. What are the basics that every developer needs to know about NGINX? Why would you choose Nginx over some other web server? What are typical deployment scenarios?
Cliff Wells

* Open Source Music

What kind of open source music can you make? All kinds! Let's get our feet wet and jam!
Cameron Adamez

* Toward an Open Source Process for Security Vulnerabilities

Security vulnerabilities can be a source of anxiety and lost sleep, or they can be a carefully managed opportunity to bring communities together, practice safe operational practices, and prevent problems. Join me to discuss how we can all manage our security issues sanely and cooperatively, and lose less sleep!
Larissa Shapiro

* Understand "Inform 7" as Teh Awesome.

Y'know those "Interactive Fiction" (IF) text-adventure thingies? Inform 7 is a language for writing IF in the style of English prose. It's also a neat idea for general modeling. Let's build a simple world together while learning some of what Inform 7 is about.
Bart Massey

Proposals for this sessiontype

* Stack up the Stacks: a Comparison of Modern Web Development Tools.

Comparing RoR, Node.js, Django, Lift, and Spring MVC in code.
Chemistry 2012-03-28 15:12:03 +0000
Nick Muhonen

* Active Citizenship in a Room: growing our "Collective Agency"

Does your business have customers, people doing work, and/or people investing money and time? In what ways do you have trust/reputation, empathy/reciprocity, and ability to act? What public knowledge and shared experiences do people have? On what choices do they have the ability to make decisions and get stuff done? Alex Linsker will share his experiences learned from Portland's cooperative workplace "Collective Agency". The focus will be guided break-out sessions for you to grow an active citizenry of your work. What kind of city do you want your business to be? What are non-traditional ways to work with many active, equal citizens, and to be an active, equal citizen yourself?
Business 2012-03-09 23:49:13 +0000
Alex Linsker

* Dear Lazyconference, let's talk about your favorite web application framework.

Me: experienced Symfony 1 developer trying to decide whether to make the jump to Symfony 2 or to another web application framework. You: opinionated and passionate users of other MVC-style frameworks. Together we'll form an impromptu un-panel to compare and contrast our toolkits.
Cooking 2012-03-13 19:57:26 +0000
David Brewer

* Fearless M4 For The Win

The M4 macro preprocessor is a tool that inspires fear in the hearts of many open tech developers. This is kind of pathetic. I'll show you how to quickly, easily and fearlessly build useful prototype tools in M4.
Cooking 2012-01-20 00:07:31 +0000
Bart Massey

* Nothing to see here

Hacks 2012-05-18 21:32:43 +0000
Reid Beels

* Packaging Open Source Software for Windows with CoApp

CoApp makes packaging and distribution of your Open Source Software a breeze; come work (or observe) in a hands-on walkthrough on how to package any software using CoApp!
Cooking 2012-03-16 22:03:15 +0000
Garrett Serack

* PDX CitySync Initiative

CitySync is an open platform for tools and services to help residents and local businesses, powered by government and community data.
Culture 2012-03-20 23:05:02 +0000
Rick Nixon

* Putting It Together, Letting Apps Lead the Cycle, TDD in the Cloud

I'll be taking a deep dive into cloud architectures and how to build applications, generally at the PaaS level mixed with a little IaaS, to get people rolling with high velocity, high quality, and without the need to worry about the little things.
Chemistry 2012-02-21 17:15:23 +0000
Adron Hall

* Real-World CouchDB

Lessons learned from using CouchDB on real-world projects in a government setting.
Cooking 2012-03-14 13:13:35 +0000
Matt Woodward

* Relational Databases in the Cloud: Theory and Practice

There are decades of accumulated knowledge in optimizing relational databases, and so much of it is either unhelpful or downright counterproductive in modern cloud-based environments. We'll discuss how the cloud is different, how to think through it, and go through examples in modern FLOSS DBs in cloud environments.
Chemistry 2012-03-30 18:53:26 +0000
John Melesky

* The TileMill Blueprint - How Node.js can power a cross-platform app for both web and desktop

TileMill is a modern design studio for making beautiful maps with open data. It is built entirely using open source components, and has a gorgeous UI whether run on Windows, Mac, or via a browser. Learn how this is possible.
Chemistry 2012-03-16 18:11:27 +0000
Dane Springmeyer

* Tools of the PHP Trade

Writing code is one thing; however this session covers everything BUT the code, opening a box full of tools to use with your LAMP (but with a definite PHP flavour) stack. Expect a showcase of which tools are currently around, and when you'll want to use them. We'll see what they can do and how we can apply them in a practical way.
Cooking 2012-03-16 18:42:07 +0000
Lorna Mitchell

* Video editing the easy way using Kdenlive

Video editing using Open Source can be quite a headache if you are not using the proper tools with adequate functionalities. So, in this tutorial we will learn how to do video editing using Kdenlive which is a non-linear video editor.
Cooking 2012-03-09 02:09:11 +0000
Jayneil Dalal