Introducing Open Companies

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Learn about open companies, a new way to organize work that combines the best of companies with the best of open source.


What if we could combine the best of companies (efficiency, productivity) with the best of open source projects (transparency, personal freedom)? I invented the “open company” to attempt just that. Open companies:

  • share as much as possible
  • charge as little as possible
  • don’t compensate employees

My company, Gittip, is the world’s first open company. Our core product is a platform for exchanging small, weekly cash gifts. We launched in June, 2012, and after nine months we have about 800 active users exchanging about $2,000 per week, and we’re growing about 5% per week. Gittip is funded on Gittip.

In this talk I’ll introduce the concept of open companies by sharing stories from Gittip’s first year of growth.

Speaking experience

I've been speaking at tech events for years, though I'm just starting to talk about open companies. Here's a lightening talk I gave last month:

I'm giving a full-length talk next week at PyCon:

And I'll be in NYC in April:


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    Chad Whitacre



    I founded in 2012 to try to build a life and an economy based more on giving than taking. So far we have about 800 active users exchanging almost $2,000 per week. Gittip is funded on Gittip.