The importance of Open Source in Cloud Computing



This talk will highlight the importance of Open Source in a Cloud based world. Contrary to what some proprietary vendors and open source / free software believers will want you to believe, I am going to argue that Open Source has a very important role to shape the course of Cloud Computing paradigm and any attempts to dismiss its importance will lead to vendor lock-ins and monopoly like in the desktop world.


There is an opinion that open source has no relevance in the Cloud based world. In this talk, I will counter that opinion with strong arguments supporting the need to have open source in the middle of Cloud ecosystem. I will argue that along with open standards and data portability, open source is vital for the success of Cloud Computing. I propose a Cloud ecosystem with open source as the main feature and offer various scenarios highlighting its importance. This talk will try to counter the arguments about the irrelevance of open source in the Cloud Computing world as well as some myths about Cloud Computing promoted by the proponents of open and free software.

Speaking experience