Old-school testing that is relevant today

Short Form


What is an equivalence class? Imagine that you have a function that takes an integer parameter between 1 and 12. The integers from 2 to 11 are in the same class; you probably don't need to test more than one of them. 1 and 12 are boundary values, but they're at opposite ends so you should probably test both. 0 and 13 and negative integers all belong to the same class, "out of range". What other classes might be relevant when testing this function?


We denigrate the style of testing that we did when we thought waterfall development was good, but most of the concepts still apply today. A language-agnostic tour of useful ways to write the right tests right, to produce better software in less time. That’s the dream, anyway.

Speaking experience

I started getting paid to break software in 1981, and since then I've trained many people in the craft of creative destruction. If accepted, this will be my second talk on software quality in the last 18 months.