Digital Nomad: How to stay connected anywhere in the world

Short Form


For some of us staying connected to the internet is an imperative, and while traveling to foreign lands it can sometimes be difficult to remain connected. Let me share with you some of the techniques that I've discovered for remaining connected while abroad.


I’ve spent the last few years traveling to lands not widely regarded for great Internet connectivity. Combining this nasty problem with a real need to remain online to do work has led me to discover some creative solutions to the connectivity problem.

I will cover topics such as what kind of research to do before you leave, some of the core concepts of places to go to obtain fixed internet access, how to bring connectivity with you almost everywhere in the world.

Important topics are negotiating prepaid SIM cards for cell phones, keeping your phone number working while abroad without paying an arm and a leg, and your best bets for finding connectivity in the cataclysmic situation of no cellular networks.

The world is a big place, but don’t let that frighten you. There are plenty of coffee shops, hackerspaces, and coworking spaces, and more awaiting you!

Speaking experience

Open Source Bridge: The Art of Open Source DJing Ganeti: Clustered virtualization on commodity hardware [1] + How to use Puppet like an Adult [2] + An introduction to FirefoxOS [3]
FOSDEM: IT@Mozilla: Open Sourcing the Infrastructure
MozCamp Asia: IT and Community
Beaver BarCamp: The Dark Arts of the Secure SHell



  • Ben

    Benjamin Kero

    Mozilla Corporation


    Ben is a system administrator at Mozilla, and spends most of his time wrestling with version control systems, embedded Linux, hardware hacking, general DIY, open source software advocacy, and weekend auto racing.


      • Title: DIY Electric Vehicles
      • Track: Hacks
      • Room: B201
      • Time: 1:302:15pm
      • Excerpt:

        Everybody today has heard of electric vehicles, yet almost nobody has ever seen one, touched one, or driven one. I think this is a shame and would like to correct that. Come join me for 45 minutes of explanation and demonstration about the basics of electric vehicles from electric bicycles all the way to passenger vehicles. Building these vehicles at home is easily within the realm of anybody unafraid to pick up a few simple tools and learn a few basic concepts.

      • Speakers: Benjamin Kero
      • Title: FirefoxOS
      • Track: Chemistry
      • Room: B302/303
      • Time: 4:455:30pm
      • Excerpt:

        FirefoxOS is Mozilla’s response to the problems that it sees with the mobile space. Walled gardens, platform fragmentation, and single-purpose SDKs in non-web programming languages threaten to close off the open web from the mobile space. In this presentation I will be covering the basics of FirefoxOS, and how it is the only mobile OS that answers to nobody but you.

      • Speakers: Benjamin Kero