JotDB - Simple Data Manipulation Made Simple



JotDB is an open source database tool which is more than a spreadsheet and less than a database frontend. This brings the power to solve simple problems directly to the desktop without boxing you and your data into a corner.


JotDB gives desktop users a spreadsheet-like tool for simple data manipulation, but is built on SQLite and manipulates data as records and fields rather than cells. It is designed to be open not only at the source code level, but also in how you use and access your data.

The JotDB plugin system allows extremely simple code (in any programming language) to manipulate data without talking to the database. This allows users to explore their idea before building a production system, or to simply solve today’s data-centric problems today. With ODBC or other SQL drivers, connecting existing database tools is easy.

JotDB forms give you the full power of wxWidgets in a simple, declarative syntax with the option to add dynamic features in Perl. Whether you just want to streamline data input, or need to fetch data from a web API, it’s a small step from the auto-generated input form to a highly customized application.

Stop using a spreadsheet to tabulate data! JotDB gets your solution started on the right foot and allows it to grow into a real database rather than getting stuck at the big transition from “just a spreadsheet” to a critical application.

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