Developing For the Cloud...In The Cloud!

Long Form


We give an indepth introduction to the cloud based developers tool kit. This allows the developer to develop code in the cloud with the code (almost) never touching the hard drive.


In this talk, we will demonstrate using cloud based editors, servers, testing, ect to develop entire applications completely on the web or cloud. Language agnostic, we will show techniques in PHP, Python, Node JS and Ruby on how to create, edit, deploy and test your code in the cloud. Some of the tools we will be using include:

1. Cloud 9 IDE
2. Heroku
3. App Fog
4. OpenShift
5. Selenium/Sauce Labs
6. DivShot/Twitter Bootstrap

Speaking experience

I have spoken twice at POSSCON in Columbia SC and once at the NorthEastern PHP Conference in Boston, MA. I have also spoken at various User Groups as well as guest lectured on the College Level.


  • Davidduggins

    David Duggins

    Freelance Developer


    On a bright and cheery July day in 1981 I was born….and I have been creating chaos ever since! Nerd. Linux Geek. Free Software Evangelist. developer. Dad.

    I am an open source developer currently living in Columbia SC. For my ‘day job’ I mostly code in php. I also hack in node js, python and some ruby/sinatra/rails.