Why Should a Student Click that "EDIT" Button?

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Why should a student click that EDIT button?

I would like to discuss how contributing to various Wikimedia Project benefits the students and why they should care about it.


Why should a student click that EDIT button?

Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects powered by Open Source Technology and developers are developed by volunteers.

Being a student, I started contributing to various FOSS projects only to get that cool T-shirt and a sticker for laptop, lately I realized that the contribution a student can make to these are far more valuable than writing assignments and files.

This talk aims to explore the Chambers of Secret of one of the top 5 websites of the world. Once a student clicks this “EDIT” button he is entitled to access numbers of Open Source projects to which he can contribute and which definitely will change his/her life.

As soon as the student clicks that “EDIT” button the journey to empower world’s largest and free encyclopedia begins. The initial contributions can be as easy as correcting the grammar, updating the information, uploading the image etc and later the same student can be a part of a Global Community both on non technical and technical aspect of running Wikipedia.

After working with India Education Program which was a Pilot by Wikimedia Foundation I have seen number of students contributing to various Wikimedia projects as well as other Open Source Projects. Though the pilot failed but it gave us few fantastic contributors to Wikimedia projects and more importantly findings of this pilot led the foundation of other Education Programs by WMF.

I have conducted Outreach Activities for Wikimedia Projects across India and mainly for students, this talk will be a data driven presentation of where we failed and where did we succeed to get student contributors to Wikipedia and other projects.

Speaking experience

I have been extensively involved with Outreach activities concerning Wikimedia Projects in India, with experience of speaking in front of from 5 students to about 200 students and professionals. I have been a speaker at various universities and BarCamp, DevCamp and WordCamp in India.


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    Arnav Sonara

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    Arnav Sonara aka Rangilo Gujarati is an Engineering Student from India with background in Computer Science. Arnav was the Campus Ambassador for India Education Program by Wikimedia Foundation. He is an active Wikipedian contributing to projects like English, Gujarati Wikipedia, Commons, Wikidata. He is actively involved with Outreach of various Wikimedia Projects across India. Arnav got into world of FOSS by reporting bugs for Debian and later got introduced to many active FOSS communities in India. Arnav believes in Free and Open Knowledge for everyone thus his primary interest is in Outreach activities and community building for various Free and Open Source Software projects.