What the Hell Just Happened? How to kill great ideas and alienate everyone by mismanaging your project.

Short Form


You had the best idea ever. You even had everyone convinced it was the best idea ever. You had a proven plan for project management strategy.

But now your best idea is smoldering on the ground, and everyone is running for the exits. What the hell just happened?


This is a story of an open source CMS project and a project management strategy so ingenious, so fool proof, it could not fail.

It is a story of creating a shared vision, inspiring creativity, pushing change and constructing a new way of doing business. It is a story of achieving mission.

This is also a story of complacency, of going off script, of bending the rules. It is a story of fools so foolish, they proved they could fail—even with a fool proof plan in hand.

Finally, this is a story of redemption and recovery, of lessons learned, of getting back to basics and recommitting to a project management strategy so ingenious, it would take a fool not to abide by it.

Speaking experience

Open Source Bridge 2010 and 2012
NTEN Conference 2013 accepted proposal.
NTEN Webinar (scheduled for late spring, 2013)


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