Improving a community website - lessons from renovating

Short Form


Community websites are the main gateway for potential users and contributors to learn about any open source project. Are they always clearly presenting the project, its goals and status and ways to efficiently communicate with its members? In this talk, I will share our experience and recommendations from renovating the website for oVirt.


A community website has several target audiences and goals.
This talk will cover recommendations on what should be included in a community website and how it should be structured to serve both potential users and community members, based on examples from renovating the website for oVirt.

Among the covered topics:

  • Project description

  • Following the project’s status and ongoing updates

  • Making the project artifacts and sources accessible/downloads

  • Documentation and tutorials


community, UX, website

Speaking experience

I presented several talks in (local) software companies on open source topics.
I haven't given this talk before.


  • Biography

    Alissa Bonas is a Java and Ruby developer and contributor to several open source projects, who also has a great interest in usability topics. She advocates open source to various companies and meetups, and participates in the Rails Girls initiative as a coach.