Caching and Tuning fun for high scalability

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Scheduled: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 from 10:00 – 11:45am


What makes you site capable of scaling from 5 to 5 million visitors/day without rebuilding it from scratch ? Follow this step-by-step approach through various caching techniques, ways to improve or replace your web stack and ways to tune your setup for higher backend and frontend scalability.


Caching has been a ‘hot’ topic for a few years. But caching takes more than merely taking data and putting it in a cache : the right caching techniques can improve performance and reduce load significantly. But we’ll also look at some major pitfalls, showing that caching the wrong way can bring down your site. If you’re looking for a clear explanation about various caching techniques and tools like Memcached, Nginx and Varnish, as well as ways to deploy them in an efficient way, this talk is for you.


caching, tuning, scalability, apache, nginx, Varnish, memcached, slic

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I've been a regular speaker at open source conferences since 2011. Ratings and links (including slides for most talks) for my previous talks can be found via


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    Wim Godden has been working with open source technologies since 1997 and has been involved in open source projects such as OpenX and PHPCompatibility.
    Next to web development, he’s worked with a wide range of technologies (from database clusters to Internet backbone design) and focuses a lot of his time on high-scalability projects and on coaching/training web engineers.