Blueflood 2.0 and beyond: Distributed open source metrics processing

Short Form


Blueflood is an open source metrics platform created by Rackspace to organize the massive amount of metrics generated by is internal and external monitoring systems. Building out Blueflood required careful attention to balance the needs of scale, usability and code maintenance.


The Blueflood distributed metrics engine was released as open source software by Rackspace in August 2012. Since then the Blueflood team as been hard at work adding features to make this an even more exciting and compelling metrics platform.

New features include:

  • Aggregate metric ingestion mode, including statsD ingestion
  • Histograms
  • Kafka queue ingestion
  • Pluggable search integration
  • Batch read & write operations

In this presentation you will learn how Blueflood works and how you can use it as part of your metrics/monitoring tool chain. Blueflood will also be compared compared to some of the other leading open source metrics solutions.


big data, time series, metrics, monitoring, cassandra

Speaking experience

Cassandra Summit 2010+2011, SXSW 2012, O'Reilly Strata (NYC+Santa Clara) 2012, Cassandra EU 2012+2013, Berlin Buzzwords 2013+2014, Data Day Texas 2014


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    Gary Dusbabek

    Rackspace, Apache


    An Apache Cassandra committer and PMC member, Gary Dusbabek is a life-long programmer specializing in distributed systems. His past experience includes working with large-scale text and image indexes in the newspaper industry and high-volume advertisement booking software. Recent work at Rackspace includes working on Cassandra full-time and being a founding member of the Cloud Monitoring team. Gary currently works on the Cloud Metrics team that created the open source Blueflood metrics engine.