Anonymous Social Networks - Why we need them

Long Form


There is a new type of social media causing quite a disruption in the industry. It is a social media where people create posts anonymously


The proliferation of social media networks over the last several years has increased more and more. People feel the need to tweet, post on their wall, upload videos, add pins to their boards and whatever else they feel like doing online. Why do we do this? We want to connect, we want to be heard, and we want to feel better about ourself.

In my talk I am going to explore the different types of anonymous social networks, give a 30,000 feet overview of each app, dive into the nitty gritty technical details of how each app keeps a person anonymous and wrap up with some thoughts on why we need these anonymous social networks.


Social Media, anonymous, mobile, apps

Speaking experience

This will be my first talk in front of a public crowd. I have spoken and prepared many talks for internal teams.


  • Biography

    A.J. Weinzettel has been in the computer industry for over 20 years and has seen many technologies come and go. He cut his teeth administrating Novell Netware 3.12 way back in the day and is currently enjoying creating iPhone Apps that talk to a pure LAMP back end.