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Everyone talks about chatops nowadays but whats behind the hype? Its just a great system/workflow to share and document tooling for your entire team!


Developers are lazy! So we are great in creating tooling for our daily work. But it has its weaknesses, we are creating a tons of scripts on our local maschine, sometimes we share them via git or other vcs systems. But all over all this tooling sucks when it comes to collaboration. We developers also love hanging out in chat rooms like campfire or jabber.

Why not combine this via chat robots. Our tooling would be available to everyone without installing wired shell scripts plus we can get rid if questions like: `“Do you have the deploy lock?”` or `“Did you already migrate the database?”` – it’s all documented in the transcripts.

I’d like to talk about how to improve your daily work with [hubot](, a chat robot build by the fine folks at github.


chatops, chat robots, hubot

Speaking experience

Never given this talk before. But did a bunch of other events before, please just check out for a detailed listing :)


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    Ole Michaelis is the co-founder of SoCoded, a hackfest and web development conference in Hamburg. He’s a Software Engineer at Jimdo, a DIY website creator, where he focuses on backend development. In his free time, he’s building, a hazzle-free slide sharing platform. Ole is passionate about open source software, enjoys traveling, and loves Mexican food. He classifies himself as a ‘bad’ German as he dislikes beer and soccer – the traditional German past-times.