Elgg to Idno: creating a new kind of community platform

Short Form


What does it take to create a community platform for the modern web? Drawing on lessons from one of the most popular open source community products, we'll learn about creating software for today's users.


Most open source community platforms are rooted in an older version of the web, where people primarily used desktop web browsers and uploaded text and photos. Internet users are now ubiquitously connected, and are used to sharing a variety of content, from wherever they are, on whichever device is convenient.

Elgg is used by national governments, Fortune 500 companies and world-class universities. Idno is a collaborative publishing platform designed for the new realities on the web. Based on lessons from both platforms, you’ll learn about what it takes to create a sustainable community platform for the moden web, with all of the benefits of open source software. You’ll also hear more about the IndieWeb – a set of technologies that help create a social layer over the web that anyone can participate in.


elgg, idno, community, socialnetworking, discussion, platforms, software, business, indieweb

Speaking experience

SXSW, the W3C, multiple Elgg conferences, academic conferences around the world, IndieWebCamp. An incomplete list: http://lanyrd.com/profile/benwerd/past/speaking/