Bonnie and Vinson Help with Data Visualization

Short Form


Everyone and their dog are turning out graphs of social networks. My helpers are Bonnie and Vinson. With their help I will construct visualizations of interesting data using R and its libraries.


R does a very nice job of pulling in the data then visualizing it.
I will present a few libraries from R. gRim, gRain, gRbase, gRapHD, igraph, Rgraphviz.
The talk will have more pretty pictures of data visualizations than code and theory.
Enough Theory so that you will be able to tell if your results pass the smell test. Or in others words how confident you can be with your results.
All the R code will be available.
One of the books that I am basing this talk on is: Graphical models with R by Soren Hojsgaard, David Edwards and Steffen Lauritzen published by Springer
An example data set in the book is carcass. I will come up with data to replace this data set. Although Bonnie and Vinson approve of the data set.


R programming, data visualization

Speaking experience

Open Source Bridge 2013, Ignite OSCON 2013, Ignite Porland