Platform-as-a-Service Application Patterns

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Platform-as-a-Service clouds provide a way for developers to host applications without dealing with infrastructure issues. Migrating applications is easy but does your architecture restrict your application's ability to exploit all the benefits a cloud platform provides? Find out how to engineer your code to be fully "cloud ready"!


Platform-as-a-Service cloud solutions allow developers to focus on their application code without dealing with hosting infrastructure. No more wasted time provisioning, configuring and maintaining application servers means more time doing what they want to be doing, writing code! Moving to PaaS platforms also brings huge benefits in scalability and flexibility for their applications.

Migrating applications onto these platforms is straightforward, taking minutes rather than days, but does your application’s architecture unnecessarily limit the benefits you get from running in the cloud?

Would you like to know how to ensure your application fully exploits the scalability and flexibility that can be achieved?

In this session, we will walk through “application patterns” that exploit the advantages of running on PaaS platform. Starting with common “anti-patterns”, e.g. using local memory for application state, we will show how to re-factor your code to use patterns that harness, rather than hinder, the power of a cloud platform. Covering a huge range of topics from logging, application state, horizontal scaling, filesystem access, security and much more. Developers attending the session will be left with hands-on knowledge on making new and existing applications “cloud ready”.


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