SLA and VM Scheduling in opensourced virtualization world (oVirt focused)

Short Form


VM life cycle, provisioning and migration domains, that's old news. checked.
Advanced network configuration, tell me something that I don't know. checked.
Storage management is a cool breeze, hang on, I'm getting there. checked.

Discover how to truly close the virtualization gap from proprietary software, using 100% open
source technology.
Introducing SLA & VM Scheduling capabilities in oVirt, includes:
* Hosted Engine
* High Availability
* Plugable VM scheduling
* Global cluster and storage quota
* NUMA support, Ballooning and more and more.

See you there or pay up!


In this short session I will present the SLA and VM Scheduling features of oVirt, including version 3.5.

oVirt is a virtual data center manager that delivers powerful management of multiple virtual machines on multiple hosts. Using KVM and libvirt, oVirt can be installed on Fedora, CentOS, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux hosts to set up and manage your virtual data center.

SLA & VM Scheduling:

  • SLA – service level agreement that the user/VM gets by implementing QoS objects for different resources: storage, network & compute.
  • VM Scheduling – handles VM placement using constraints.

Eventually both elements are connected to form a complete solution.


oVirt, opensource, virtualization, sla, scheduling, VM

Speaking experience

FOSDEM '14 (
August Penguin '12, annually opensource conference in Israel (


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    My name is Gilad, I live in TLV :) love the beach, starcraft (gold league, sorry about that, don’t have enough time), and sleeping. In my spare time I do some coding, I’m a co-maintainer of oVirt project, and a senior member of RHEV’s SLA & scheduling team in Redhat.