Graph Visualization on the Web

Long Form


GraphAlchemist is open-sourcing `Alchemy.js` its core graph visualization technology built largely in d3.js. Graph visualization is an incredible way to represent just about any time of 'connected data' - social networks, supply chains, telecommunications networks, protein interactions, and even biological family trees. Alchemy.js makes it easier for anyone to create data visualizations that represent these types of data - without being a data visualization expert.


Huston will demo Alchemy.js, go over easy installation and inclusion of Alchemy.js in an existing yeoman project, as well as how to clean and format data for graph visualization.

He’ll mix in anecodotes from his experience with his team developing the application over the last 24 months, as well as life as a startup founder and why ultimately Open Source is a winning (and the right) strategy for young companies.


data visualization, network analysis, graph, SNA, javascript, coffeescript

Speaking experience

Huston is a regular public speaker locally, pitching GraphAlchemist or speaking about graph visualization. In October 2013 he spoke at Neo4j's GraphConnect (, in October 2012 he spoke at World IA Day Portland, and regularly teaches seminars and gives meet up talks about Neo4j the open source graph database.


  • Biography

    Founder and CEO at GraphAlchemist a Portland Seed Funded Company that helps customers understand complex data. Huston has a background in computational social science and is a full stack web developer. In addition to running his startup GraphAlchemist, Huston is teaching a data visualization course at Portland code school and regularly collaborates with local non-profits.