Successful open source web apps for the people

Short Form


Most of the popular open source consumer web applications were created years ago. What does it take to make an open application for non-technical people, and find success?


Do all consumer apps have to lock their users in to be valuable?

In this talk, we’ll examine successful open source web applications designed for end users, and determine what it is that made them successful, how the web has changed since their introduction, and what new generation of open source applications can do to find the same financial and cultural success.

It’s possible to create a mass-market platform without letting go of open source principles, and without co-opting user information. Using real market analysis and findings, we’ll determine how to go about it.


consumer web, design, open platforms, customer feedback

Speaking experience

SXSW, the W3C, multiple Elgg conferences, academic conferences around the world, IndieWebCamp. An incomplete list: