Developing open source projects and not being worried about making a living - an introduction to the idea of basic income

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Contributing to open source projects and not worrying about making a living? What sounds like a dream could become true with an economic concept called basic income. The idea is currently debated in various countries. The talk will introduce the concept and outline the opportunities for the open source community.


Basic income is an economic idea where everyone is paid a fixed, conditionless income regardless of wealth or work requirements. Even though it is still only a concept, many nations, e.g. Switzerland, New Zealand, debate about an introduction. Under this economic concept, people are free to pursue paid or unpaid work, since minimal means are covered. It is expected that the introduction of basic income will unleash an unprecedented amount of creativity and ingenuity. Basic income could boost the open source community.

The talk will introduce the details of basic income, explain the hurdles to introduce it and examine the opportunities for the open source community.


income, funding open source, economy, basic income

Speaking experience

Hannes was a speaker at the PyCon 2013 Uruguay and presented at Start-up Chile in 2013.

PyCon presentation:


  • Hannes

    Hannes Hapke

    renooble, inc.


    Hannes is a senior developer at CrowdStreet, Inc. and a co-founder of the Subtle Gear Project, where he consults for- and non-profit companies on machine learning.

    Hannes is a Pythonista by heart. He presented at PyCon Uruguay 2013, PyDX 2015 and various Python meetups in Portland, Santiago and Berlin. Hannes also co-founded renooble, inc., an investor-backed start-up which uses machine learning to identify new solar customers.