How to win friends and influence people (while demo'ing your software)

Short Form


No matter how cool your software is, demonstrating it to potential customers effectively takes focus and a lot of attention to detail. This sounds like common sense, but the demo is part performance, part conversation, part clairvoyance, and part determination.


You have created something awesome. You want to sell it – to an investor, to the world, to the fellow in the elevator with you. You think it’s cool enough to sell itself, but that’s rarely the case. This talk will walk you through walking someone else through your product/project. Not limited to software in scope, it will address effective communication techniques from body language to marketing and from pop culture references to setting off a smoke bomb to make a quick exit.


demo, soft skills, marketing

Speaking experience

spoke at osbridge 2012 & 2013. have given a similar talk before at our company's all hands meeting.


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