Eat your open source software

Short Form


A whirlwind tour of open source software (and open hardware, open data, and other open stuff) related to growing, distributing, cooking, and eating food. From seedbanks to recipes to food co-ops, there's open source alternatives to almost every part of the food system.


Food is one of our most fundamental needs, but the systems that produce it are mostly “closed” ones, and we have little insight into how commercially produced food is grown, processed, or distributed.

Luckily, there are dozens and dozens of open source, open data, and open hardware projects taking on the issue of food. I want to show you what’s out there, including software for food co-ops, databases of plant species, DIY hardware for growing your own food, and more. (My own current projects include Growstuff, an open source/open data project for people who grow their own fruit and vegetables; and 3000 Acres, a platform to help connect people with vacant land to start community gardens.)

Along the way we’ll talk about how open source engages with the non-technical community, and the potential for collaboration with “open” projects such as community gardens, seed banks, and food swaps.


food, open data, licensing, open hardware

Speaking experience

Scores and scores of talks since the late 1990s. Keynoted Open Source Bridge 2013 (and various other conferences before that).