Overview of the Ubuntu Juju Application Security Framework

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"enterprise-grade security infrastructure in minutes with any compliant application"


In early 2014 Canonical started to work with a set of partners to address the challenges around single sign-on for new services within an organisation. A committee was formed to develop a solution that would ensure service authentication could happen instantaneously, saving organisations often months in the roll out of new services.

Gluu and ForgeRock, were selected to lead the Committee, named the “Application Security Framework Design Group.” The goal is to develop the standards which will enable organisations to integrate any enterprise-grade security infrastructure in minutes with any compliant application.

The Committee will define the relationships needed to enable orchestration between applications and common security components, like user provisioning systems, authentication services, and API access management. Where possible, the Group will leverage existing standards and best practices. The current proposed design includes OpenID Connect for authentication, the Simple Cloud Identity Management (SCIM) API for user provisioning, and the User Managed Access protocol (UMA) for API access management.

With the work of the Committee, Ubuntu’s Juju orchestration platform could have a significant impact on how organisations design and deploy a cloud infrastructure (especially open-source software) that scales to meet modern security requirements. Juju promises to make it easier for developers to move away from managing user accounts and for domains to offer stronger authentication and trust elevation.

This talk, given by Gluu CEO will introduce the Juju Orchestration platform, provide an overview of the application security design, and give a quick demo of the technology using the Apache and nginx web containers.


api, SSO, oauth2, openid, 2FA

Speaking experience

In the last 12 months, I was a speaker at SXSW http://www.gluu.co/m2e and also the opening Keynote at the IDNext conference in the Hague http://www.gluu.co/idnext-gluu-keynote I gave a solo session at the RSA Europe Security conference in 2013, and have been a panelist or speaker at several identity conferences since 2009.


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    Michael Schwartz

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    Mike has been an entrepreneur and identity specialist for over 18 years. He is the technical and business visionary behind Gluu, whose open source OX projects enables domains to centralize authentication and authorization using open standards like SAML and OAuth2. Mike is a domain expert in application security, directory services, and strong authentication. He has been a guest speaker at SXSW, RSA Europe, Gartner Catalyst, the European Identity Summit and other identity conferences.