Cooking with Camlistore

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Learn to store, search, share, and organize your data using Camlistore, the open source personal storage system.


Camlistore has been described as “Git for your @#$%”. Store your stuff -documents, media files, social media posts, email, location tracks, alien invasion plans – encrypted and across multiple storage backends.

In this session, learn how to start a store, import from online services, sync with your mobile phone, access your data as a filesystem, go back in time, securely collaborate with GPG, publish to the web, and build your own apps. Out in time for tea!


storage, privacy, camlistore

Speaking experience

I've spoken on Math, programming, and web architecture at PDXPHP, OSCMS Summit, PSU Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar, MaptimePDX, and Barcamp Portland. Slides for some of my most recent talks:

I've also acted as organizer for the Portland Drupal User Group group, Project Euler meet up, the PSU Python for Numerical Modeling Study Group, and CamliPDX.


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    I’m Eric Drechsel — a multiclass creative professional with deep roots in the web and open source, a focus on user experience, education in math modeling and statistical methods, and an immense curiousity and propensity for diving in with new and challenging topics.

    In my free time I ride my bike, eat things I find outdoors, take online courses, and experiment with distributed information systems.