From Knowing to Understanding: Creating Learning Materials for the Real World

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Open Source has changed: From its origins as a craft for the dedicated few it has now been adopted by the masses. Now it is our turn to change: Leave your developer goggles behind and learn how to bring your craft to the people.


The biggest challenge facing Open Source as the standard becomes ubiquitous is the lack of proper training from ground level all the way up to professional. The very nature of Open Source is built around the idea of the self-made developer, but this approach has now become a restriction. To further the cause of Open Source everything we need to learn how to bring our craft to the people on their terms.

In this talk staff author and educator Morten Rand-Hendriksen explores lessons and revelations learned from teaching tens of thousands of people, in person, online, and from all over the world how to build better websites. The key to growing Open Source is to make it understandable to everyone, and that requires taking off your developer goggles and learning not only to share knowledge but facilitate understanding.

The talk features real-life stories and examples of how teaching your craft to those outside your community will make you a better developer and a better communicator.


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My previous speaker experience includes keynoting WordCamp Victoria and WordCamp Seattle, speaking at multiple WordCamps, Microsoft's MIX, Make Web Not War, and WebDays conferences, and others. I'm also a classroom teacher and my job at is to create video training materials.

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    Morten is a staff author at focusing on WordPress, front-end web development, and web standards. He also teaches front end web development and WordPress at Emily Carr University of Art and Design and British Columbia Institute of Technology. Morten is passionate about Open Source, web standards, informational user experiences, and democratizing information through accessibility to the web.