How we run Python

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The Python Software Foundation runs a number of services for the Python
community. Come learn how we do it, and how you can help.


To further its mission of supporting the global Python ecosystem, the Python Software Foundation runs many services for the community. This talk will examine what is offered by the PSF as well as how we run our systems.

Speaking experience

I've been a speaker at PyCon for 4 of the past 5 years, as well as the upcoming PyCon 2014. I've also spoken at Chef community summits and other operations events. You can find some videos of old talks at


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    Noah Kantrowitz is a web developer turned infrastructure automation enthusiast, and all around engineering rabble-rouser. By day he builds tools and teaches, and by night he leads the Python Software Foundation infrastructure team. He is an active member of the Chef community, and enjoys merge commits, cat pictures, and beards.