The Ultimate Context Switch: Ways to hotwire your brain to learn new programming languages/concepts.

Short Form


Learning a new programming language and its constructs and conventions is difficult, but we make it even more difficult for ourselves. I'll give some techniques which circumvent the problem of learning something new.


The human brain seems to be quite good at context switching once we clear the clutter that gets in the way.

Learning to learn sounds redundant and philosophical, but it is definitely rooted in practical application, when learning a brand new programming language.

Looking for familiar patterns is not enough. I’ll list some ways which help me to learn new concepts and programming languages. These exercises and suggestions may help you learn faster and in a better state of mind, without fear or frustration.

Speaking experience

PyGotham, Ladies Who Code, PyOhio, PyArkansas, a PyCon tutorial many years ago. Write/Speak/Code, I'm sure the list could be longer.


  • Biography

    20+ years of freelance software development in embedded systems and applications.