C++11 From the Trenches

Short Form


"I'm from the C++ standards committee, and I'm here to help." Are they really? The 2011 revision of the language contains a ton of changes that are supposed to help us solve problems. But which problems, and why? In this presentation, we're going cut through the bullet lists and get right to the parts of C++11 that can actually make life easier for programmers.


Most C++11 tutorials focus too much on feature bullet lists, and seldom tell the full story of any given addition: what problems it solves, how to use it, or which compilers support it. This is completely backwards.

Instead, we’re going to start with everyday situations faced by real programmers:

  • Excessive repetition in code
  • Small changes that cascade out to your entire project
  • Unpleasant surprises with function overloading
  • Clashes between enumerated types
  • Error-prone control structures
  • Wishful thinking in API design
  • Exception handling that obscures program logic

Only after we’ve seen the problems will we look at how to use the language. By the end of the talk, you’ll walk away knowing just the bits of C++11 that you need to know (and that your compiler will actually support).


C++, C++11, programming

Speaking experience

I've spoken at several conferences, including Open Source Bridge (most recently in http://opensourcebridge.org/sessions/1050), OSCON, and JRubyConf.