Breeding Hackers the hard way

Short Form


There is no easy path into knowledge, but a "bait" can lead one individual into taking the hard path.


When many people think about Hackers, the image that comes to their mind is that cliche of the security hacker, breaking into systems and stealing information. Even though that image describes more of a movie character than a real person, it has its roots on early computer hackers, people that was finding its ways though computer and technology without the mass access to information that we have now in the internet era. These people were the hard workers that spent years seeking for knowledge and have build pretty much all the technology we now have.
These times are now over, but the demand for such skilled people haven’t diminished. But how can we create such a rare individual in an environment where “here” and “now” are the rules? And the true answer is that we can’t. There is no easy path into knowledge, but a “bait” can lead one individual into taking the hard path.
This talk is about the SmashTheStack community, a long running (over 10 years) educational community dedicated to “baiting” people into learning computer security the hard way, and how it has created successful professionals through its wargames and its community.


hacking, community, security, wargames

Speaking experience


Android Builders Summit 2012

Android Builders Summit 2013

Android Builders Summit 2014 (end of April)


H2CH 2013

Security Bsides SP 2013
Security Bsides SP 2014
The Developers Converence 2013


  • Biography

    Rodrigo Chiossi is a Software Engineer at Intel. He has been working with android since its first devices (Motorola/Samsung), and has created a couple projects in the past years (AndroidXRef, Dexterity lib). Besides his work, he es the co-founder of the Campinas Hackerspace (LHC) and a proud staff member of the SmashTheStack network.