How to make a profit while respecting open source brands

Short Form


Does your company want to capitalize on open source brands without alienating the community? Get a perspective on how Apache expects companies to behave - and ways we are happy for you to make a profit doing it!


Does your company want to capitalize on the Apache brand? Are you interested in seeing how closely you can tie your marketing into the latest Apache projects? Do you recognize the importance of supporting the Apache ecosystem, not just with code contributions but other actions?

As VP of Brand Management for all Apache projects, I can help show business and technical leaders some of the ways they can respectfully and successfully market and position their own services in relation to Apache project brands. The key message is: Apache project governance is independent; but we are happy to have businesses build their software and services on any Apache software products.


brand, trademark, identity

Speaking experience (to be updated for recent experiences by 14-April)
The Apache Way at CamelOne; Managing Apache Project Brands at ApacheCon; Managing Community Project Brands at OSCON; Respecting Apache Brands While Making a Profit at ApacheCon 2014 and CloudStackCollab.