Selling Open Source Inside and Out

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It is important for us as members of open source communities to not just promote the adoption of open source inside of the companies we work with, but to promote and develop ways for those companies to contribute back to their communities.


People on the “business end” of open source have long struggled with how to convince companies that the open source ideas align with their business. For years, many people in sales spent a lot of time just explaining what open source was and “why a company would give something away for free”.

Thankfully, times have changed, and the spirit, if not the nuance, of what open source is has permeated the business landscape. However, few companies that predominantly open source service providers sell to actually make major contributions to open source. How could we change this?

The responsibility of sales and service providers to promote open source goes beyond adoption. It is increasingly important that we also show the companies we work with how to contribute to our communities. This talk will focus on how to start that conversation with clients, or within your own company. It will address how to form internal communities, get permission to contribute, legal and license barriers, and how to show the value of contribution to company leadership.


Sales, business side, community

Speaking experience

I've never given this talk before.

I've spoken twice previously at Open Source Bridge, and three times at DrupalCon. I've also helped organize several media and publishing industry events in NYC that have all involved speaking and organizing.


  • Chris

    Chris Strahl



    Chris is the Practice Director for Enterprise Media and Publishing at Phase2. He’s been a long time member of the Drupal community, and works to match open source technology to the needs of large enterprises.

    Chris is from Portland, OR.