Audience controlled games using the Kinect

Short Form


How do you keep a crowd engaged? In this never been done before talk I'm going to use the Kinect and some other cool software tricks to keep the crowd engaged for 45minutes.


I’m going to try a few of my crowd controlled Kinect Games.
Games where the whole audience plays the game together! And then I’ll show you the tricks I used to get them going! It’s going to be a ton of fun! I promise!

Speaking experience

ok...this talk I've never done before in a large audience, which means it's either going to be a huge success or epic failure! I can't wait!


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    Justin Woo



    Justin Woo is a Developer Evangelist at PayPal/Braintree/Venmo. Previously he was a Program Manager at Microsoft

    He’s a Hackathon addict and has built a ton of really cool stuff including a Kinect game for Autistic Children, a remote controlled Robot and even a game involving tapeworms.

    His wife and him have two wonderful dogs – one of which refuses to admit that he is blind and the other that likes to pretend she’s a rabbit.

    He was born in Australia but grew up in Singaporean and so please don’t mind his crazy Singlish.