Leaving the Web: Portable, Distributed, Programming Without HTML, CSS, or JavaScript

Short Form


If we could roll back the clock and reinvent the Web platform, what might we come up with?


The World-Wide Web introduced interlinked hypertext documents delivered over the Internet. Twenty years later we have blogs and Wikipedia, but somehow “apps” also went to the Web (thanks in part to Web development’s low barriers to entry), and we lost our open source advantage.

How can we reclaim native performance, user control, and privacy while still avoiding platform-dependence?


native cross-platform application development, alternative historical non-fiction

Speaking experience

Josh has given lightning talks at Noisebridge, Sudo Room, and the Internet Archive.


  • Biography

    Josh Juran is, in all likelihood, the last person in the world to learn 68K assembly language for use in Mac applications. He’s currently developing a Mac OS emulator and a programming language.