An informal skill share where peers share knowledge about open source privacy tools.


In an increasingly surveilled world, it is important to know about freely available tools that can help you regain your privacy and protect you from malicious parties online. For the past few years individuals around the world have been organizing CryptoParties in order to facilitate empowering others with these tools and techniques.

Bring a laptop and/or a USB drive. We will distribute and demo tools like: Tor, GPG email encryption, TAILS, KeePassX password management, OTR encrypted chat, and more.

Have a neat open source privacy technology you are working on? Come and share it!


privacy, security, surveillance, crypto, cryptography

Speaking experience

I've been hosting CryptoParties around Portland for about a year. I have spoken about them on various media outlets (both radio and TV). I have also given unrelated tech talks at PSU and various user groups.


  • Thomas Schreiber

    Host of CryptoParties; Developer at


    I’m a full stack developer in Portland, Oregon. I organize cryptoparties around Portland (currently the first Saturday of the month at FreeGeek) which are skill shares that help people learn about open source technology that keeps them safe online.