maintaining sanity

Short Form


an exploration of how i (failed?) to maintain several dozen foss projects, while maintaining my sanity


maintaining sanity

maintaining dozens of foss projects, without burning out

i always like to submit challening topics to conferences. topics that force to pry myself out of my own shell, or explore (my) technical limitations.

last year, i talked at apachecon for the first time (publicly) about my mental health issues. i talked about depression, addiction, and burn-out.

this year, i’d like to do something more challenging: i’d like to explore how to maintain numerous open source projects, without burning out. on work, or, worse yet, on the community aspect itself.


mental health, Open Source, community, burnout

Speaking experience

a thirty minute rant about "devops" (low quality video):

2014 puppet conf: + video:
note: in retrospect, i should've asked the organizers to change the title & audience level…