Hosting a Mini Workshops for Local User Groups

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Discussion about how to both learn and host a mini-workshop for your local computer user group. Includes an actual walk-through a mini-workshop of SQL-interaction library.


Once upon a time, my local computer user group (Clojerks) asked me to host a workshop on a small technology that I knew nothing about. Like you, I have a day job, family and other responsibilities, and not much time. We came up with the idea of a mini-workshop that I could both host and participate.

This session includes lessons learned, as well as tips for preparing and hosting this sort of format. We’ll then walk through the actual workshop I gave (in a language-agnostic way).

To fully participate in this workshop, please have the following the following installed on your computer:

  • Git
  • Vagrant
  • VirtualBox (or some other compatible hypervisor)

Don’t worry if you don’t have this all ready, as the initial discussion may give you enough time to set things up. ;-)


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Speaking experience

Howard has spoken at "many conferences":2 and previously spoke to other engineers about teaching Scratch to kids at OSCON:4 and "Open Source Bridge":3. Last year, he taught a kids-only session at OSCON's "Kid Day":5.



  • Elfyme


    With over thirty years of programming experience from C to Clojure, he enjoys mentoring younger colleagues as well as teaching the next generation. He hosts a local computer programming club at his local middle and high schools as well as mentoring the local robotics team. Oh, and he does have a day job, working on the software defined networking team at Workday.