Stuck in the MUD: Writing a Scalable & Asynchronous TCP Server in Ruby

Short Form
Scheduled: Thursday, June 25, 2015 from 4:45 – 5:30pm


An introduction of CarbonMU, my new open-source Ruby MUD platform, and Celluloid, the underlying Ruby concurrent/actor-based programming framework.


If you’ve even heard of MUDs, you probably associate them with the 1980s – hundreds of thousands of college students furiously typing ‘cast magic missile’ over and over again into their monochrome terminals, instead of going to class. Turns out, the “MU*” community is still alive and kicking, and we’ve been the onramp to open source for many coders!

In this talk, I’m going to introduce CarbonMU, my new open-source Ruby MU* platform. In contrast of the monolithic, single-threaded, synchronous, defiantly non-scalable, C-based MUD platforms of the past, CarbonMU is pluggable, uses the Celluloid “actor paradigm” asynchronous framework and ZeroMQ for messaging, and is scalable at several levels. I’ll discuss how Cellulloid helps you write asynchronous, multi-threaded code in Ruby without locks and race conditions all over the place, and maybe recruit you to cast a magic missile or two.


Ruby, mud, async

Speaking experience

I'm working on developing a speaking career. I've lead local user groups, given lots of internal brownbags to 20-300 people, and already had my first public conference speaking experience at Drupalcon Amsterdam.