Testing the Bottom Turtle: An Extreme Case of Integration Testing for the Web

Short Form


Every time I push a commits to GitHub, many different systems wake up and start collaborating to test integrations with content servers, browsers, operating systems, and even major social networks. We've learned a lot building this testing infrastructure and I want to show you how you can use the same approach -- using free services -- for your next project.


So, you already know Selenium Webdriver is the greatest thing ever. But how far can we push Selenium? This talk uses the Priv.ly Project as a case study for how you can do some pretty crazy things using free resources for Open Source projects. You’ll learn how to plug together Continuous Integration for Selenium tests running on the browser virtualization platform SauceLabs.

We will start with some basic integrations of GitHub, TravisCI, and SauceLabs and learn to test all the way to the bottom turtle..


selenium, Capybara, SauceLabs, TravisCI, Continuous Integration, Karma, Browser Extensions, Virtualized Tests

Speaking experience

OSBridge 2014, http://opensourcebridge.org/sessions/1294
OSCON 2013
OSBridge 2012