Technical Career Advice Discussion Panel

Short Form


Are you starting your career in technology or already a seasoned vet? Come get advice and share what you have in a open discussion!


In this panel discussion, Kasey, a recent graduate working with Openstack clouds will be starting a discussion with three veteran coders. The goal is to extract their knowledge about the tools that speed up their workflows and tips they wish they had heard when they first entered the industry.

Questions and topics will include:

  • What technical skills have been the most valuable?
  • How do you approach evaluating and judging new technologies?
  • What do you do to expand your breadth and depth of knowledge?
  • Finding a work/life balance
  • Finding work that you are passionate about
  • Career progression

Throughout the discussion, we encourage the audience to ask questions live as well as through a live Twitter feed.

Speaking experience

Kasey has no experience, but some of the veterans on the panel (including Howard Abrams) do!


  • Elfyme


    With over thirty years of programming experience from C to Clojure, he enjoys mentoring younger colleagues as well as teaching the next generation. He hosts a local computer programming club at his local middle and high schools as well as mentoring the local robotics team. Oh, and he does have a day job, working on the software defined networking team at Workday.

  • Biography

    A recent graduate from the University of Washington in Informatics, Kasey is now working on a private Openstack cloud project. Work threw many different assignments at him over the past year, causing him to adopt a new toolset for rapid development followed by fine tuning and refinement. He wants to share with other newbies and undergrads the power of a well stocked and tuned toolbelt, thoughts on the industry, and getting involved in open source projects in a panel-style discussion.