Building better users

Short Form


killer app: built. but how do you make it engaging? one way to get there is a rich, intuitive API. enabling people who use your app to remix the data, to use you as a building block in bigger causes means they are more likely to use you again, next time. Make it intuitive and users can self-serve - preserving your time and enabling inter-user idea exchange: let stack overflow work for you!


You’re busy building a product, but the product isn’t the why – the why is creating something that people want to use. Imagine yourself filling the niche you’ve chosen perfectly and yet nobody comes to your party. Somewhere between product management, user experience, and customer support you can find the magic beans to grow power users and evangelists – there are lots of paths to get there and they can frequently work together.


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Speaking experience

delivered talks at osbridge 2012 and 2013