Extending Day On: Helping Geeks & NPOs Connect After We Go Home



Hear back from Day On volunteers and nonprofits and brainstorm to help refine, augment and extend Day On's efforts to connect geeks with nonprofits needing technology help.


Day On connects nonprofit organizations that need advice and assistance with volunteers who are ready to help.

Throughout OSBridge, geeks will be volunteering to complete pre-selected technology projects for nonprofit organizations and/or to staff a general help desk for nonprofits at a centralized location. Read more at our companion proposal Day On Ninja Strike Teams & Help Desk.

This culminating session will gather both geek volunteers and nonprofit participants to discuss our work during OSBridge and brainstorm ways Day On can refine, augment and extend its efforts to connect geeks with nonprofits needing technology advice and assistance. Participants will be encouraged to help enact the best ideas from our collective work to improve Day On’s online infrastructure and repeat Day On’s best practices in other places.

Day On background: Our first project was Geeks Day On, a day of service during MLK Day, Monday, January 19, 2009 where geeks offered free technology and Internet communications advice and assistance to nonprofit organizations. Since then, Day On has been partnering with existing networking organizations to offer technology help to nonprofits at live events and online.

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