Who wants to make video games?

Short Form


"So how do you get that beautiful art style that you really want? Your game is done, maybe feature complete, but it's either got your crummy drawings or just grey rectangles dancing around. The music, the sound, the look of a game like 'Dungeon of the Endless' or 'Journey,' how do you get THAT? I have good news for you: there are more artists than there are coders, and more musicians than there are human beings on earth. Yes you'll have to pay them, yes you'll have to handle some conversations about expectations, and I'll cover that shortly, but really it will amaze you how easy it is to find truly beautiful resources to populate your game"


How do you turn a simple vision for a game into a completed product? Do you have to do everything yourself? How do you get people to try it out, and after that, how do you sell it? What ideas are too ambitious to take on?

I’ll take you through the key skills you’ll need, how to make a project plan, and resources for populating your game and getting it distributed.


games, art, collaboration, project planning

Speaking experience

I've presented to large classrooms of over 65 students on technical and design topics. I've worked as a classroom teacher, and given technical trainings to internal teams.