Mastering Cassandra on Docker with F#

Short Form


"A distributed system is one in which the failure of a computer you didn't even know existed can render your own computer unusable" (c) Leslie.

As an end goal of the talk, we will create the Cassandra database cluster on Docker from scratch and build a cross platform solution to interact with it.

To do that we should do a few things first:

Understand what is Cassandra and why in the world we need it
Talk about the data model for the demo
I will show you how to create a Cassandra cluster (which will consist of 3 nodes, for speed of the talk)
And how to create it fast and modular, that’s why we will use Docker



Data is everywhere. Open source world gives us an opportunity to use advanced technical solutions to handle not uncommon problems of huge amounts of data that require low latency access. We can use functional programming to interact with computations and data pipelines which are very common when working with distributed systems. This talk is focused on showing how to create a Cassandra cluster based on Docker from scratch, and how to build an application that connects to it and uses it with F# in a OSS cross platform way!


distributed systems, cassandra, nosql, functional programming

Speaking experience

I am an international speaker, originally from Eastern Europe. I gave some advanced level talks in USA, London and different countries of Europe.

Embracing Clouds: F#, MBrace and Azure
.NET Fringe,
April 12 – 14, Portland, OR

Cloud Monads in F#
F# Kiev User Group,
May 20, Kiev, Ukraine

Reactive-interactive visualization of F# jobs
Progressive .NET tutorials 2015
July 1 – 3, London, UK

Machine Learning with F# and Accord.NET
September 16 – 18, Krakow, Poland

Cloud Computing with F# and MBrace
October 6, Portland, USA

Innovative approach to cloud programming with F#
Dev Labs
October 17, Online

Machine Learning in .NET with Accord.NET and F#
.NET Unboxed,
October 27, Dallas, USA

Dynamic Visualization of F# jobs with SignalR
F# User Group,
October 28, Portland, USA

.NET Machine Learning: F# and Accord.NET
.NET Developers Association,
November 2, Redmond, USA

.NET Machine Learning: F# and Accord.NET
November 17, San Francisco, USA


  • Alena dzenisenka7


    Experienced Solutions Architect proficient in distributed cloud programming, high load and performance, big data analysis, data science, functional programming and machine learning.

    International conference speaker and active software engineering community member.

    Member of F# Software Foundation Board of Trustees.

    MS in Computer Science and Software Engineering.

    Computer science book reviewer.

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