Open-source testing automation with Gauge

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Learn how to do test automation for your applications in a cool way using Gauge, an open-source tool from ThoughtWorks.


Consider this: Modern day software are distributed in nature. They are built with multiple components that communicate with each other internally (read, microservices) and together form the larger software. We are well past the days of one monolithic architecture that does everything. This poses interesting challenges when trying to test distributed applications that are built to scale.

If you maintain an open-source project and want to emphasize on quality of your software, you will eventually need to get beyond unit tests and test your application end to end. But how do you do this in a way that is not only extensible and maintainable but also cool, fun and lets you write your tests in the language of your choice?

Gauge, from ThoughtWorks (that organization behind Selenium), is one of the few open-source tools available to meet the challenge of testing automation in this new environment. It’s fun, young, open and makes functional testing look cool (You write your test specifications in Markdown ;-) )

This session will cover the concepts behind testing automation and show, hands-on, how to test a real-life application from scratch, using Gauge.

Here is the proposed outline for the session:

  1. Introduction
    1. Automated testing vs Manual testing
    2. Testing automation for the cool developer and the new-age Q/A
    3. Thinking in terms of testing automation
  2. Introduction to Gauge
    1. How Gauge works
    2. Language runners
    3. Reports
  3. Preparation
    1. Creating the testing environment
    2. Use a sample use case with a demo system under test (SUT) to determine the things to test in it
  4. Write specifications
  5. Write test implementations
  6. Run tests
  7. Learn, improve, test and repeat


testing, open-source, microservices, functional-testing

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    Kaustav Das Modak

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    Kaustav is passionate about technology and its applications in the fields of communication and intelligence.

    He is a developer at ThoughtWorks Studios, on the Gauge team. He is one of the co-founders of Muktakosh, a non-profit group dedicated to research on exponential technologies. He also co-founded Applait, a for-profit product outfit that paved the groundwork for his future experimentation. More…

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