From Mess to Success

Short Form


- 3 Secrets to Win at Organizing for Higher Performance


Do you feel busy but not productive? Could being a bit more organized make you a lot more successful? It costs almost nothing to get organized, but the pay backs are exponential. Master the same techniques top performer use and increase your success. Simply get organized to transform into super high productivity with lasting results. In this session you will learn how organized people:
- Earn more and are more successful in life
- Accomplish more by being laser focused on the right things
- Save time, money, and have more free time to do things they enjoy
- Feel more relaxed and experience less stress
You know your time is valuable, so get organized so you can savor every moment and focus on what really matters to you – family, fun, friends, and more.

Speaking experience

• I spent almost two decades with the Big 4 consulting firms (IBM, E&Y, Capgemini) giving internal client presentations plus I spoke at large SAP (ERP software company) sponsored events in Orlando (200 people attended How to Measure and Track HR KPIs) and in Toronto (150 people attended Using Business Intelligence Profitably)

• I left the corporate world in July 2014 to launch my own speaking and consulting firm. In 2015, I spoke 8 times. I was a keynote speaker in Silicon Valley (70 people), shared the stage in NYC with several top speakers (125 people), plus spoke to smaller groups throughout Denver (20-50 people).

• In 2016, my major engagements are speaking at the Women Economic Summit in New Delhi India in May (1,200 attendees plus celebrities, government dignitaries, and royalty) and at the Women of Global Change private event in Yucatán Mexico (60 attendees).

• My upcoming and past speaking engagements can be found here:


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    As an international speaker, bestselling author, and productivity expert, Nancy Gaines assists and mentors business owners to massively grow their companies. She is the Founder and CEO of Gain Advantages, Inc. Using her products and systems, individuals and corporations gain a competitive advantage with proven productivity accelerators.

    Nancy spent almost two decades consulting to IBM’s Fortune 500 clients including AIG Insurance, Shell Oil, Lenovo, Office Max, Clorox, and even IBM itself. She provides knowledge that assists others to be even more successful – fast. Nancy is frequently quoted online, in magazines, and in books as a business expert. Listen to her podcast, The Nancy Gaines Show, downloaded in over 44 countries on iTunes and read her books which are available on Amazon.

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