Open Source Your Ideas: Why You Should Keep A Blog

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Blogging is a great way for developers to share with the community the kind of things they've been learning and working on. By keeping a regularly updated blog, we force ourselves to continually evaluate the things we're learning, while sharing these ideas with the community at large.


Whether you’re a newly minted developer trying to break into the field or an experienced force in the industry, blogging is a great way to share your ideas and contribute to the tech community. However, very few of us actually keep a regularly updated blog. We should work on that. Put your thoughts online and let others see them! We can communicate the kinds of cool things we’re working on to each other, as well as potential employers or mentors. Not only that, but keeping a blog is an awesome way to keep a tangible record of how far we’ve come in our personal development, while providing a roadmap for upcoming junior developers. We can look back on our blogs and see the kinds of things we were working on months or years before, and see the kind of progress we’ve made since.


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Currently, none! I'm excited to start putting my ideas out there.


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